Say NO to Legalization of Recreational Marijuana in North Dakota!

Passage of North Dakota Measure 3 will create BAD LAW, period.

The measure is seriously flawed! There are no logical, scientific or philosophical arguments that can justify the passage of a measure that would make North Dakota the most liberal state for the regulation and control of recreational marijuana in the nation with nearly no protections for our citizens and children. We believe this is NOT what North Dakotans want.

Read this website to understand the flaws and the truth. Then, VOTE NO on Measure 3 on Tuesday, November 6th. It is very important you vote. Don’t be complacent thinking your vote isn’t important in defeating this measure. EVERY NO VOTE COUNTS!!!​

Read The Actual Measure

Be crystal clear in your understanding of the measure on which North Dakotans will be asked to vote YES or NO.

North Dakota Measure 3 is Seriously Flawed

Make no mistake, if this passes the law governing the growing, selling, and using of recreational marijuana will be the most liberal of any state in America.
Find out the facts.

Strong Support

The following organizations and individuals strongly support VOTING NO on North Dakota Measure 3 in November.