The Actual Measure Language

This is the entire measure for your review.

Click the PDF, to the left, to read it. The yellow highlighted areas show the changes: lined-through means language eliminated from current law; underlined means NEW, ADDED language.

Note the first page – in the first bold-faced paragraph at the end. The end of the yellow highlighted section says: “and to nullify and repeal any North Dakota Century Code language which conflicts with chapter 66-01.”

To be crystal clear in your understanding of the measure – as it is written in this measure – and on which North Dakotans will be asked to vote YES or NO, read the very last sentence in this document (66-01 03). The legal interpretation is that anything in the current North Dakota Century Code NOT addressed specifically in the measure is null and void.  If it’s law today, it WILL NOT be a law if the measure passes.

This is key to our position that this opens North Dakota up to be the least regulated state for recreational marijuana in the nation with almost no protection for our citizens.