Fargo-Moorhead-West Fargo Chamber Sends Position On Measure 3 to Members

Measure 3: Legalization of Marijuana


Measure 3 would make recreational marijuana legal in the state of North Dakota with limited restrictions, providing many unanswered questions with the possibility of numerous unintended consequences.

Why we oppose Measure 3

  • The Chamber is most concerned with the uncertainty it provides businesses and the likely negative impact to workforce.
  • Any business that has federal interaction will face numerous challenges with inconsistencies in policy because marijuana is illegal at the federal level.
  • The measure calls in question whether it supersedes drug policies that individual companies have in place. Thus, it has the potential to nullify existing company drug policies.
  • The estimated cost to the state is an additional $6 million dollars or more.
  • The call for expungement of all marijuana-related criminal charges on individuals’ records as written would expunge serious crimes if they are in the same charging document as the marijuana-related criminal charge.
  • Proponents claim there will be increased state revenues, but sales of marijuana will only be subject to the state’s 5% sales and tax use.
  • There are no restrictions to how marijuana may be sold, leaving the option of person-to-person sales, where tax benefits would never be realized.
  • It would override existing non-smoking laws, making it possible for businesses to allow marijuana to be smoked in their establishment but still prohibiting cigarette smoking; and allow for marijuana to be smoked in public buildings and facilities.
  • If passed, it would make North Dakota the most lenient state in the nation regarding its recreational marijuana laws.

Remember to vote on November 6!

For more information on all four ND measures, our stances, or a Q&A with the candidates running for election, visit fmwfchamber.com/blog.

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