Forum of Fargo, Grand Forks Herald, Jamestown Sun and Dickinson Press all recommend NO Vote on Measure 3

(Sunday, October 14, 2018)


(as taken directly from their editorial pages)

Measure 3 seeks to legalize recreational marijuana use. It’s a dope smoker’s pipe dream — and a nightmare for just about everyone else. Measure 3’s flaws are hard to catalog fully. If passed, North Dakota would have the nation’s most liberal marijuana law. It would create a Wild West for weed: marijuana could be grown anywhere, by anyone. It could be sold anywhere, by anyone.

There would be no limits on the amount of marijuana a person could possess — and it could be smoked or used anywhere: schools, churches, public buildings, anywhere. Measure 3 would require the expungement of legal records involving marijuana-related convictions, a labor-intensive effort that would require hiring 124 temporary workers who would have to scramble to scrape 180,000 records within a 30-day deadline, at an estimated cost of $1.1 million. The total cost for state agencies and local governments of legalizing recreational marijuana: $6.6 million. More legal havoc: Any law that conflicts with the measure would be nullified and repealed. Resist your libertarian impulses and vote no on Measure 3.